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About Us

The Society was founded in November 2006 at a public meeting held in Wellington Community Centre. The Society has amassed a steadily growing collection of documents and photographs. This is being placed on a computer register, which will be made available to researchers on application to the Society. The Society is eager to expand this resource by the addition of new material. All documents, photographs etc. will be subject to our privacy policy and originals can be returned to owners after they have been copied and entered in the register.
The Society arranges a programme of public meetings, where a variety of speakers give talks covering a wide range of historical subjects not exclusively centred on Wellington or Herefordshire. These meetings are free to members; visitors, from whom a small fee is levied, are always welcome. Notice of the Society’s public meetings is posted at the shop, on notice-boards in the village, in our village magazine “The Welcome” and on the website. Members not resident in Wellington may receive mailed information about meetings by applying to the Society, either in person to the chairman or through the website.

Our Aims

The Wellington Parish History Society aims to research and record the history of the parish and its surrounding areas and to make history interesting and fun for people of all ages. Local history has a growing fascination for young and old alike. We aim to be a friendly and welcoming Society dedicated to preserving the historical heritage of Wellington, Herefordshire and to stimulating interest in the subject amongst residents and others of all ages.

The Society's Constitution

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Contact Us

We are very keen to hear your views on our website. If you have any comments to make, or suggestions for improving the site, please contact us and let us know.

To contact the Society please email:     info@wellingtonhistory.org.uk

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