Wellington Parish History Society - Herefordshire


Join Us

We are keen for you to join us and make a contribution to the success of the Society.

Our members include many from outside Wellington parish.

Anyone with an interest in Wellington, wherever they live, is very welcome.


Membership Benefits

* Free meetings - The Society meets several times a year in Wellington Community Centre. Guest speakers give talks, at these meetings, on a variety of historically related subjects. Visiting non-members are charged a small fee for entry to meetings.

* Access to resources - Researchers and other interested parties will be able to access our archived material.

* Free use of any material which may, in the future, be published by the Society.

Membership Rates

Annual membership Fees are as follows:

Adult = £7.50

Family = £10

Young People (under 16) = Free

How to join us

Please apply for membership by one of the following methods.

  1. By email, through the Society’s email address. Please include your name, grade of membership required, addresses (email & postal) and a contact telephone number.
  2. Through the treasurer or a member of the committee. One or more of these are in attendance at the Society’s public meetings


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