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CD Rom

The Society has an exciting new research source to offer. Wellington resident Paul Stamp has spent a great deal of time, over the past year or so, collating the entries for the Parish of Wellington from the censuses covering the years 1841 to 1901. This information is now available on CD-Rom at a cost of £7.50 to members of the Wellington Parish History Society and £10.00 to non-members, plus 80 pence postage and packing, if this is required.
The disk is a mine of information on the individuals and families, their occupations and mental and physical ailments and the house names etc. of Wellington during the period. If you would like to purchase a copy of the disk, please contact the Society through its website by emailing info@wellingtonhistory.org.uk or the Chairman by telephoning 01432 830097 or emailing panda2245@btinternet.com.


The 2010 Village Snapshot project is now complete, and the results have been entered into the village archives. All the properties within the parish and the surrounding area have been photographed, bringing the total to some 400. Older properties have multiple photos so the total number of pictures is some 580.
Copies of the Snapshot are now available in the following forms.

1. A complete copy of the Snapshot for those who have a computer. The contents are:

2. A set of two DVDs containing a slideshow to play on a DVD Player and TV for those without a computer, or who prefer this format.

Both types are available at a cost of £10 each, however, a discount is available to members of the History Society.

Please contact John Palmer to discuss your requirements
Tel: 830460 Email: john@kerria.demon.co.uk

Help Needed

We are always on the lookout for old photographs, letters, documents deeds etc. to add to our document register. In this way we materially increase our knowledge of the history of the parish and provide an ever-expanding resource for researchers and interested parties. All such material remains your property and is subject to our Privacy Policy. We will take the greatest possible care of any documents submitted to us. Should you wish, we can make copies of your documents or photographs and return the originals to you.

Database Enquiries and Searches

All enquiries and contacts should be made via the following email address:  info@wellingtonhistory.org.uk
Your enquiry will then be routed to the appropriate person for them to deal with. We will acknowledge each enquiry when it is received. We aim to reply in detail as soon as possible, however, we do ask you to be patient, as research may be required which may take time.

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